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Browser Compatibility Can Cause Report Problems

November 29, 2012

If you are using Internet Explorer 8 or above and are having a problem with some reports not showing properly, it is most likely due a setting in your browser.  For reports to appear function correctly, you need to have Compatability View enabled. 

To enable Compatibility View for EnergyU: 

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Open
  3. Click Tools
  4. Click on Compatibility View Settings
  5. Click Add to add this website to Compatibility View
  6. Click Close

You can ensure this website is being shown in compatibility view if this icon in the URL bar is highlited: 

If it is not, you are not in Compatibility View.

Click to view demonstration. (Requires Flash Player)

Allowing Users to Retake Courses

November 21, 2012

Question: If a User doesn’t pass a course the first time, how can they take it again?

Answer: The System Administrator needs to reset the course.

There are two reasons you would need to Reset a Course:

  1. A User did not receive a passing score. A passing score is 80% for both the Learn portion of the Course and the KNT or Knowledge Test.
  2. A User needs to re-qualify for a task.

Follow these steps to reset a course:

  1. Click Users
  2. Click Courses
  3. Click Courses – Reset Course Data
  4. Select the User
  5. Click Show All
  6. Click OK
  7. Select the Couse to be Reset
  8. Select the corresponding KNT
  9. Click Reset Course
  10. Click Reset Question Pool
  11. Click Submit
  12. Click OK

Click to view demonstration. (Requires Flash Player)

You will receive a confirmation that the Course was Successfully Reset. The User can then go back and take the Course again.

Keep in mind that this action is irreversible, and take care to make sure you are selecting the correct Courses for the correct User.

If you have any other questions regarding Resetting a Course, please contact the EnergyU Support Staff.

How do I EASILY add a course to 20 users?

November 15, 2012

We want to share with you some easy ways of Adding Users to a Course.

The first steps in Adding Users to a Course:

  1. Click Courses – Course/Event Users Add – Select the course you wish to add the Users.
  2. Click the Drop Down at Please Select an Event. Choose the Event that matches the Course number and click Show All.
  3. Click Select All then Click Add.

You will receive a confirmation that your Users were successfully added to the course.

If you have any other questions regarding Adding Users to a Course, please EnergyU Support Staff.

Click to view demonstration. (Requires Flash Player)

After taking courses… how do I see my scores?

November 8, 2012

The recent survey results identified some areas where additional information and training would benefit EnergyU Administrators and Users. One of the areas which received many comments was Users questioning how they could see their scores.

Users can view their scores by clicking on My Transcripts on the EnergyU Learner page. The courses assigned to the User will appear. If the User has attempted the course, the score (whether passed or not) and date scored will appear. The credits earned column can be ignored.

If the desired course doesn’t appear on the screen, there may be multiple pages to the transcript depending how many courses are assigned to a User.


EnergyU Reports – Where do I find…

November 1, 2012

The recent survey results identified EnergyU Reporting as an area of question. Today we want to share with you some of our most used reports. Hopefully you will find them useful also!

Regular Reports – These reports are preset and not able to be customized.

  • Credits by User Report – This report will show the courses your User has attempted, the score they received, whether they passed or failed and the date it was scored.To access the Credits by User Report – Click Reports – Users – Credits by User – Select the User to view. The report will appear. If you would like to also see the courses that have not been attempted, uncheck the “uncheck to see all courses” box.
  • Custom Reports (Qualification Report and Completion Report) – These two reports show all of the certifications earned online or manually entered by the Administrator. This is the data sent to ISNetWorld.To access the Qualification Report – Click Reports – Custom – User Qualifications – this report will show Company ID, Employee ID, Last Name, First Name, Qualification (MEA Certificate Number), Qualification Date.To access the Completion Report – Click Reports – Custom – User Completion Report – Select your desired date range – Click submit – this report will show Company ID, Employee ID, Last Name, First Name, Course Short Name (MEA Certificate Number), Date Scored.

Dynamic Reports – These reports have options to choose the fields you would like to view. The data for Dynamic Reports is updated nightly. If you’re looking for information on a course completed within the past hour, the updated data will not appear until the following day.

  • Score Summary Overview Report – This report has the capability to show you all of your Users Scores in one report. You have the ability to choose your fields and how you would like the report sorted.To access the Score Summary Overview Report – Click Dynamic Reports – Score Reports – Score Summary Overview – if the Report Options do not appear – click the Show/Hide button. Under Display Columns – check the boxes next to the fields you would like to appear – Remove or Add fields to the Sorting Options – Make any changes or selections you desire in the Additional Report Options – Click Submit.The report will appear – you have the capability to export to the report in your desired format.

All reports are able to be exported.

  • In Regular Reports – Right Click Export to Excel in the top right corner of the screen.
  • In Dynamic Reports click the drop down menu labeled “Select a Format” and click Export.

These are just a sampling of the many reports available in EnergyU. If, after spending some time with reports, you still aren’t finding the information you are looking for, please feel free to contact EnergyU support staff.