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MEA Trains in Chicago

March 28, 2013

We have conducted training in eight locations so far, and the response has been extremely positive! Laura just returned from Chicago, where once again everyone expressed excitement over the new upgrade features.

Folks are happy to learn so much attending the in-person training, and we only have one location left: Minneapolis. The last two one-day sessions, April 4th and April 5th, will be your last chance to attend free classroom training for the EnergyU Version 8.0 Upgrade. Registration will be closing Monday, April 1, at 9:00 am CST.

MEA in Chicago

Version 8 Training Captivates

March 22, 2013

The following captivates will be made available from the EnergyU home page once the upgrade to EnergyU Version 8 is complete. In the meantime, take a look at how easily you can perform common tasks in the new system.

MEA Trains – Classroom and Webinars

March 21, 2013

Laura made stops in California and Oklahoma to provide EnergyU Upgrade Training; she reported that everyone is excited with the changes and user friendliness of the new system.

Back in Minnesota we are in the process of conducting a series of five webinars for those who could not attend a classroom session. The following links will be active after the date listed for downloading a recorded version of the webinar.

    Webinar #1 (3-18)
    Webinar #2 (3-19)
    Webinar #3 (3-20)
    Webinar #4 (3-21)
    Webinar #5 (3-22)

LA and OK

MEA Trains in Colorado

March 14, 2013

It was great that so many administrators made it to training in Golden, Colorado, in spite of a snow storm. Thanks to SourceGas we had some wonderful training rooms and were able to conduct two sessions of EnergyU Administrator Upgrade Training.

The first session of training webinars will begin on Monday, March 18th. There are five sessions scheduled — each session will be different and it is recommended that you try and attend all five. We plan on an information packed 30 minutes for each session, and we’ll also be providing a demonstration of the new system. Make sure to sign up HERE.

MEA in Golden

MEA Trains in Tampa

March 7, 2013

Midwest ENERGY Association had a full house for EnergyU Upgrade training in Tampa, Florida. A big thank you to TECO Peoples Gas for allowing us to use their facility. It is thanks to the support of our members that we are able to host classroom training free of charge at so many locations across the U.S. As a not-for-profit association, we do our best to use our resources wisely and provide our members and customers with the best value for their dollar.

As at our other training sessions, customers were excited with the changes coming with Version 8.0, such as ease of use, ability to work on multiple tabs, automatic notification of requalification requirements, and new reports listing qualification expiration dates.

If you are unable to attend a classroom training session, please make sure to sign up for the webinar series to begin March 18th. Click HERE to review the webinar schedule of events. In addition, we are busy finalizing other online training materials and will let you know as soon as they become available.

MEA in Tampa