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EnergyU course naming convention

April 30, 2013

You will soon notice a slight change in the naming convention of the 192 & 195 EnergyU courses. All course names will now begin with the course library (i.e., 192, 195), including the knowledge tests. After the library will be the course number, followed by the course type (e-TNG for training and KNT for knowledge test). Example course titles:

  • 192-0201 e-TNG Gas Detection and Alarm System Maintenance
  • 192-0201 KNT Gas Detection and Alarm System Maintenance

To locate a particular course to launch, use the search feature on your courses home page to search for course titles that begin with or contain specific keywords.

Course Search

CERCplus and OQplus User Reports

April 25, 2013

EnergyU has lots of new reporting features and the ability to design custom reports. We have generated a new .dll for CERCplus and OQplus users to accommodate importing the new files directly into the recordkeeping program. Contact Larissa Presho to obtain the .dll.

Understanding Certificates

April 25, 2013

Viewing Achieved Certificates

As part of the upgrade, users were automatically enrolled in the certificate programs for all courses they were assigned. In version 8, when a user passes a course the certificate is automatically granted.

There are two reports that are useful in viewing passed courses and achieved certificates for individual users.

  • To view courses passed: Select the user and from the Reports tab and click Credits – By User
  • To view achieved certificates: Select the user and from the Certificates tab click View Achieved Certificates

If you run a Certifications – By User report and do not see a user’s certificate listed, verify that the user is enrolled in the certificate program.

When entering new users into the system, best practice is to enroll the user in a certificate program – then they will automatically be assigned the corresponding course/event.

Granting Certificates for Performance Evaluations

Review your Certificate List to obtain the correct performance evaluation certificate number and enroll the user in the certificate program.

To grant and assign a date:

  1. Select Certificate Programs > Manage Certificate Programs and search for the desired certificate number.
  2. Select the certificate and from the Manage Users tab select completion management and search for the user.
  3. Check the user’s box, use the dropdown to change the status to complete, and enter the completion date.
    NOTE: You will immediately be able to view the user’s certificate via the user > Certificates tab > View Achieved Certificates. It takes up to two hours for the certificate to display via the user > Reports tab > Certifications – By User.

ISN Transfer Database Updates Every 2 Hours

April 24, 2013

The database used for ISN reporting updates every two hours. To ensure a  successful ISN data transfer, please wait two hours after completing a course or manually entering a performance evaluation to request an ISN transfer. You can verify the database is updated by running the Certification Reports > View Program report.

Blank Admin screen – do you have Silverlight?

April 22, 2013

Usually, but not always, if you do not have Microsoft Silverlight installed, your browser will tell you that you need to install it when you launch Admin. If you launch Admin and just receive a blank screen, check to make sure you have the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight installed.

Can’t get to EnergyU? Clear Your Cache.

April 22, 2013

It can be very frustrating when your browser’s memory doesn’t seem to want to cooperate and take you where you want to go! Some browsers are having trouble getting back to EnergyU. (REMEMBER: IE10 is NOT supported.) If you are having trouble getting to the EnergyU login page, please try the following:

  • Close ALL your browser windows.
  • Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools>Internet Options. Click Delete for Browsing History.
  • Uncheck Preserve Favorites website data
  • Check Temporary Internet files
  • Check Cookies
  • Check History
  • Check Download History
  • In the URL field type If this still doesn’t work try

Upgrade Day 1 – What you need to know

April 22, 2013

Download the EnergyU Upgrade Day One document for information you need to know before signing on to EnergyU Verision 8 for the first time. We are sure you will be pleased with the user friendly interface and new features. We will continue to roll out additional training materials and answers to frequently asked questions.

Are you ready for the EnergyU Upgrade?

April 11, 2013

Administrator Pre-Upgrade Check List:

  • Download the Upgrade Requirements document.
  • Verify IE Browser (IE 8 or IE9 32-bit – IE10 NOT supported!).
  • Verify Browser Zoom settings (See Admin Guide).
  • Verify Microsoft Silverlight installed.
  • Verify users have correct email address.
  • If you need access to user online records April 18-21, print out those records.
  • If you author custom courses, make sure they are published to the edit server by April 17.
  • View the online course assigned to you in EnergyU (_EnergyU Upgrade Training).

Internet Explorer 10 Not Supported

April 8, 2013

We’ve been doing some testing of the EnergyU Upgrade with IE10, and have discovered that there are features that do not work properly in IE10. We do not recommend using IE10 for EnergyU Administration at this time. The 32-bit version of IE8 and IE9 are the supported versions. Click HERE to download the Upgrade Requirements document.

Check your browser version by going to Help > About Internet Explorer. If you allow automatic updates you could have been upgraded from IE9 to IE10 without realizing it.

To revert back to your former version of IE, open Windows Control Panel, select Programs and Features, and click the View installed updates link in the upper left corner. Scroll down to the Microsoft Windows section and select Windows Internet Explorer 10. You will need to reboot your computer once the uninstall process is complete.

Internet Explorer 10

**Upgrade Date Change**

April 4, 2013

In order to take full advantage of Version 8, we are rescheduling the EnergyU upgrade for April 18-21. We are using this additional time to automate some things so that you will be able to benefit from certain new features immediately, without any additional work on your part.

REMEMBER: You will not have access to online courses, assessments, or certification reports April 18-21. In addition, we will not be able to complete ISN transfers during this time. Custom courses must be published to the edit site on April 17.