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New Process for Course Upgrades

August 28, 2013

MEA recently released a group of new courses–these are updated TNG and KNT versions of 11 different 192 course titles. An “o” was added to the course and certificate titles of the courses that would be obsolete. In an effort to provide users with the most current training information, and to ease the delivery of newly released courses for administrators, we will be replacing the old courses with the new courses–administrators will not be required to reassign the titles.

Effective September 1, 2013 only the new version will be available.

This change will not require any work by EnergyU administrators. Currently awarded certificates and course scores will remain unaffected, and the new courses will replace the old courses in curricula.

The updated courses have the same user interface as our ASME and Electric course libraries. If your users are not familiar with these courses, they can review the Course Navigation document. There are two main differences in the layout: the Next button location moves from the lower right to the upper right corner and the Tree View at the left changes to a Table of Contents on the right.

Have you noticed an “o” in your course title?

August 7, 2013

MEA is in the process of updating and enhancing the 192 course library. The new courses incorporate enhanced content, interactive media and adult learning designs. View the Release Announcement for more details on the 24 new courses being released this month.

195 Liquids Library: New Courses Available

August 5, 2013

Five recently released 195 courses are available. The most recent, a course on damage prevention, is approved for those doing work for Enbridge. Contact EnergyU Support to have these courses added to your course selection. Click HERE to view the course titles.