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Running Reports Best Practice: Clear Cache

November 21, 2013

If you login to EnergyU and run a report, and then some time later run the same report again using the same session, there is a chance that the data that displays could be cached data. Best Practice is to always clear your cache before running a report.

Internet Explorer 11 and Compatibility Mode

November 20, 2013

Adding the URL for EnergyU to the list of compatibility view websites should allow you to view pages in Internet Explorer 11. Click HERE to view the instructions for adding the correct URL to the list. Internet Explorer 11 is NOT a supported browser for EnergyU.

Temporary Fix for IE11 Login Problems

November 20, 2013

The supported browser for EnergyU is IE9. We experienced many problems with IE10, and now Microsoft has given us IE11. Unfortunately IE11 sends you to a mobile login page, and EnergyU is not supported on mobile devices. If there is NO POSSIBLE WAY you can uninstall IE11 there is a work around.

Make sure to clear your browser cache and go to a website that is supported in IE11 (such as google). While at the google site hit the F12 key on your keyboard. This will open a panel at the bottom of your browser window. Scroll down through the icons at the left and find the last one that looks like a computer with monitor. Select it and you will have Emulation mode setting available to you.

  • Set Document mode to 9
  • Set Browswer profile to Desktop
  • Set User agent string to Internet Explorer 9
IE11 F12 setting

Now you can visit the EnergyU url and it will display using IE9 emulation.

IMPORTANT! You must clear your cache and change your browswer emulation BEFORE going to

Stay tuned as we continue to look for a better solution.