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OQ Webinar Recording and PPT Links

April 23, 2014

Download the PowerPoint slides used in yesterday’s OQ Update Webinar, or review the recording.

Ad Hoc Report Filtering

April 21, 2014

Posted April 21, 2014

New reports have been provided for Ad Hoc report users. The Shared Reports will be used in place of the EnergyU Custom reports. The EnergyU Custom reports will not be available after this week.

The new Certificate report provides data for TNG, KNT and PEF certificates. The Short Name report is designed for the few companies that do not use MEA certificates or PEFs. Download the appropriate instruction document, which will explain how to add additional fields and change the date range filter.

Updated ISN Transfer Information

April 16, 2014

We have updated the ISN Tips & Tricks document to include the changes required for transferring performance evaluation data from EnergyU to ISNetworld. This is important information for any company requiring ISN transfers.

Ad Hoc Reporting – Filtering Feature Coming Soon

April 14, 2014

If you have been assigned Ad Hoc Reports in EnergyU (such as for CERCplus imports), you may have noticed you recently received additional reports beginning with an underscore in the title. The reports beginning with the underscore will replace your old reports when filtering is enabled for EnergyU Ad Hoc reporting. Filtering will be turned on Monday, April 21. With filtering on, you will be able to run the new reports and filter by date range. Where previously you may have had three different reports (e.g., 7-day, 30-day and 90-day), you will now be able to use one report and select your own date range. Instructions for changing the date range will be provided.

!! NEW PEF Forms !!

April 10, 2014

Posted April 10, 2014

The new performance evaluation forms are available via MEA’s SecureDrawer online document management system. If your employees are evaluated on performance and your Primary EnergyU Administrator has not yet received a SecureDrawer login, please contact Jim Johnson and request access to SecureDrawer.

Since EnergyU cannot track activities done in the field, EnergyU Administrators must manually grant certificates for PEFs in EnergyU. The actual completed and saved PEF files are then uploaded to SecureDrawer for verification by MEA. MEA will maintain a copy of the submitted forms for five years for audit purposes.

Click HERE for information on Best Practices for using MEA OQ materials.