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Important: Create a strong password and unique login

September 3, 2014

Each person in EnergyU has a unique login name and password. When assigning a login for a new user, the login name must be unique – not only unique to your company, but unique to all users within the system. If you attempt to assign the login jsmith, there is a very good chance there is already a jsmith in the system. Also, a login of jsmith with a password of john would not be hard to crack. One way to ensure a more unique login is to include your company ID as part of the login. (Your company ID is in parenthesis following your company name in the EnergyU hierarchy.)

MEA also recommends that you create a strong password. A strong password is a user’s best defense against unauthorized access to the account. Use the following tips for creating a strong password:

  • Is at least eight characters long
  • Does not contain the user’s name
  • Does not contain a real word
  • Contains a combination of letters, numbers and special characters

MEA will periodically attempt to access accounts using combinations of common names for logins and passwords. If a user account fails to meet minimum security requirements MEA will reset the user’s password and notify the user and system administrator.

If you would like to require your users change their password, as a system administrator you can check the Change Password at Next Login box on the Update Profile tab for a user.