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IMPORTANT: September Hosting Change for EnergyU

August 24, 2015

Next month, MEA’s EnergyU learning management system (LMS) will be migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting environment. AWS hosting will provide EnergyU with increased performance, improved site uptime and disaster recovery, and database technology upgrades. Other Infor LMS customers who have completed the migration have reported very positive results.

MEA hosting migration will begin the morning of Saturday, September 19, 2015. The EnergyU LMS will be taken offline for approximately 24 hours. A system maintenance message will display during this migration period and login access to EnergyU learning and administration will not be available.

IMPORTANT: If your company Proxy or Firewall uses the EnergyU IP address, it will be necessary to whitelist the site by the DNS name ( and not by IP address. In the AWS environment all infrastructure is virtualized, therefore, the IP address for EnergyU will not be static.

Please feel free to contact EnergyU Support with any questions.

Course maintenance is scheduled for August 14, 2015.

August 7, 2015

Attention EnergyU Administrators

Course maintenance is scheduled for August 14, 2015. Maintenance may be comprised of changes to questions or answers, changes to content, enhanced audio or graphics, etc.

The courses listed below will be unavailable August 14, 2015, from approximately 6:00 am to 4:00 pm CST.

  • 192-1001 e-TNG Cast Iron Joints Sealing
  • 192-1405 KNT Underground Clearances
  • 192-1432 KNT Bolt-on Leak Clamps and Sleeves
  • 192-1432 e-TNG Leak Clamps and Sleeves
  • 192-1802 KNT Vault Maintenance
  • 192-1802 e-TNG Vault Maintenance
  • 192-2011 e-TNG Prevention of Accidental Ignition
  • 192-2401 KNT Welding
  • 192-2401 e-TNG Welding
  • ASME-0051 KNT Installation of Exothermic Electrical Connections
  • ASME-0051 e-TNG Installation of Exothermic Electrical Connections
  • ASME-0071 KNT Inspect or Test Cathodic Protection Isolation Devices
  • ASME-0071 e-TNG Inspect Or Rest Cathodic Protection Electrical Isolation Devices
  • ASME-0091 KNT Troubleshoot In-Service Cathodic Protection Systems
  • ASME-0091 e-TNG Troubleshoot In-Service Cathodic Protection Systems
  • ASME-0131 KNT Insert and Remove Coupons-Probes for Internal Corrosion Monitoring
  • ASME-0131 e-TNG Insert and Remove Coupons-Probes for Internal Corrosion Monitoring
  • ASME-0141 KNT Visual Inspection for Atmospheric Corrosion
  • ASME-0141 e-TNG Visual Inspection for Atmospheric Corrosion
  • ASME-0151 KNT Visual Inspection of Buried Pipe and Components When Exposed
  • ASME-0151 e-TNG Visual Inspection of Buried Pipe and Components When Exposed
  • ELEC-01301 e-TNG Substation Capacitor and Reactor Basics
  • ELEC-01403 KNT Substation Troubleshooting
  • ELEC-01403 e-TNG Substation Troubleshooting
  • ELEC-03047 KNT Splicing-Terminating New Underground Cable
  • ELEC-03047 e-TNG Splicing-Terminating New Underground Cable
  • ELEC-03049 KNT Terminating Primary Underground Cable – Non-Lead
  • ELEC-03049 e-TNG Terminating Primary Underground Cable – Non-Lead

How this maintenance will affect your users

KNT courses

  • Maintenance will have no affect — user status will be maintained within the course and the LMS.

TNG courses

  • Users with a Not started course status will not be affected.
  • If a user’s course status is either Passed or Failed, the percent completion status within the course itself will be reset. Any further course progress WILL NOT be reported to the LMS until the course is reset.

IMPORTANT: EnergyU administrators should educate users that after course maintenance occurs, a TNG will not report a new score unless the course is either reset by the certificate program or by the EnergyU administrator. Users wishing to receive a new score date should verify a status of Not started prior to launching the course.

Please contact EnergyU Support for additional information (651-289-9600 x 124).



It’s for REAL… and it’s EASY… REAL EZ!

August 6, 2015

MEA’s EZval Performance Evaluation System.

The EZval app works on any laptop or tablet running a Windows operating system. The EZval app comes preloaded with electronic evaluation forms for the following libraries: 192, 195 and ASME.

Import users via an upload file, or manually enter user data on the fly. Both passed and failed evaluation information is saved, and PDF documents are automatically created. Easily drag and drop PDF files to MEA’s SecureDrawer or your internal network location.

For CERCplus users, EZval creates data records that can easily be pasted into the CERCplus upload template.

Best of all, this application is currently being offered at no charge to all companies currently using MEA’s SecureDrawer for PEF document management. Simply login to SecureDrawer and open the EZval folder. Within the folder you will find the EZval installer, a video tutorial (requires audio), and a PowerPoint Quick Guide.

Happy Evaluating!

Need Help with OQ?

August 3, 2015

EnergyU is just one element of MEA OQ Connect, designed to help your company meet the requirements of OQ. MEA also offers assistance with OQ Plan development and OQ Program effectiveness audits. Richard Stump, MEA’s Director of Compliance Programs, is available to discuss regulatory issues, updates and impacts; advise on industry best practices; and provide guidance on integration of MEA products. If you or someone in your company has responsibility for compliance and OQ, contact Richard (651-289-9600 x126) to be added to MEA’s OQ Group mailing list. We want to make sure OQ and regulatory information gets to the members who need it most.