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Updates to 195 Course Library

September 30, 2015

If you are an EnergyU Administrator and your company uses MEA’s 195 course library, you should have received an email announcing the update to the 195 course library. (If you did not receive an email please contact MEA to be added to the 195 email list.) The new courses will be activated later today, and the old courses will be identified with an “o” prefix (i.e., o195-xxxx). For users to re-qualify using the new courses, administrators will need to enroll users in the new certificate program. Use the UserCertEnrollmentStatus ad hoc report to assist in determining what certificates users will require. Please contact EnergyU Support with any questions or concerns (651-289-9600 x104 or x124).

Exciting things coming for EnergyU!

September 23, 2015

Over the next couple of months, make sure to keep a lookout for emails announcing changes for EnergyU.

We’ve had a few initiatives underway and look forward to implementing them before the end of this year. Watch your inbox for communications providing detailed information and specific dates for each of the following initiatives.

  • 195 Course Library
    The EnergyU 195 liquids library will be updated next month.
  • 192 Course Library
    Over 6,000 test questions have been reviewed, changes have been made to the training and knowledge tests, and the complete course library will be updated on EnergyU.
  • Reset Interval for Certificates
    Based on our survey results, the reset periods for certificates will be changing from 30 days to 60 days.
  • Notifications
    Companies may opt-in to have users notified via email when certificate expiration is approaching. NOTE: For this option users will need a valid email address in EnergyU.

October EnergyU Administrator Training

September 15, 2015

Register today for the October 20, 2015 EnergyU Administrator Training. This one day class is held at the MEA Training Center in Eagan, MN. Close to the MSP Airport, hotel shuttles can provide transportation to both the airport and the MEA training facility – no rental car needed! Registration also still open for the October 21 Train the Evaluator class.

Update on EnergyU move to AWS hosting

September 10, 2015

We previously announced that a hosting change would take placed on September 19. In order to allow sufficient time for deployment of a required patch, hosting has been postponed.

MEA hosting migration will now take place the morning of Saturday, October 17, 2015. The EnergyU LMS will be taken offline for approximately 24 hours. A system maintenance message will display during this migration period and login access to EnergyU learning and administration will not be available.

MEA’s EnergyU learning management system (LMS) will be migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting environment. AWS hosting will provide EnergyU with increased performance, improved site uptime and disaster recovery, and database technology upgrades. Other Infor LMS customers who have completed the migration have reported very positive results.

IMPORTANT: If your company Proxy or Firewall uses the EnergyU IP address, it will be necessary to whitelist the site by the DNS name ( and not by IP address. In the AWS environment all infrastructure is virtualized, therefore, the IP address for EnergyU will not be static.

Please feel free to contact EnergyU Support with any questions.