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Updated EZval app available

June 20, 2016

EZval is the easiest way to perform electronic evaluations in the field. The latest EZval app is available as a Resource via EnergyU. The new version 1.1.3 provides a three selection dropdown for PEF completion status (Yes, No, N/A). The update is only required if you desire this dropdown selection feature. Install the app over your current version, and when launching EZval after the update click YES when asked if you want to update the database. This will ensure no prior data is lost. At this time no license fee is required for EZval – install on as many devices (Windows operating system) as you like and trade in all that paper for electronic PDF files. Questions? Contact Marty Vita.

Course Maintenance COMPLETE

June 2, 2016

Maintenance has been completed on the four courses listed below.

  • 192-0803 e-TNG Inspection for Damage
  • 192-0803 KNT Inspection for Damage
  • 192-1201 e-TNG Leakage Survey: Distribution and Transmission
  • MEA Evaluator Certification Renewal Training

Remember… After a course has undergone maintenance it is important that users verify a status of Not started to ensure proper recording of a new score.