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192 Course Library Offline July 5-6, 2017

June 14, 2017

MEA will be performing maintenance on the 192 course library on July 5-6. We have chosen not to take the entire system down so that users may access other EnergyU course libraries. We ask that EnergyU Administrators make sure their users understand that no 192 courses should be launched during the July 5-6 downtime.

The library updates will change the way the courses function in the following way:

  • Pre-Maintenance TNG courses, once partially completed, report a failed status until they are passed. Post-Maintenance TNG courses will show In Progress in the user’s portal and not report to the credits by user report until passed.
  • Pre-Maintenance KNT courses, if in a failed state, will report a failed state each time launched until reset. Post-Maintenance KNT courses will report only one failed attempt until reset.

Changes to the course template will make future course maintenance easier, allowing MEA to more easily make changes and incorporate customer feedback without inactivating the courses.

The 192 course library maintenance will begin at 7:00 am CDT on Wednesday, July 5, 2017. We anticipate maintenance to be completed by 5:00 pm CDT on Thursday, July 6. Administrators will be notified via this blog and the Administration Portal Page when users may once again access the 192 course library.

Course Maintenance Now Complete

June 14, 2017

Maintenance has now been completed for the following courses:

  • 192-1426 e-TNG Tapping Steel and Plastic Pipe
  • 192-1426 KNT Tapping Steel and Plastic Pipe
  • ASME-0211 e-TNG Measure and Characterize Mechanical Damage on Installed Pipe and Components
  • ASME-0211 KNT Measure and Characterize Mechanical Damage on Installed Pipe and Components
  • UGE-0102 e-TNG Energy Industry Dynamics
  • UGE-0102 KNT Energy Industry Dynamics
  • UGE-0301 e-TNG Conducting Effective Tailgate Sessions
  • UGE-0301 KNT Conducting Effective Tailgate Sessions
  • UGE-0401 e-TNG Excavation Safety
  • UGE-0401 KNT Excavation Safety

Remember… After a course has undergone maintenance it is important that users verify a status of Not started to ensure proper recording of a new score.