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Course Maintenance scheduled for August 15-16, 2017

July 31, 2017

The 10 courses listed below are scheduled to undergo maintenance. The courses will be offline beginning Tuesday evening (August 15) at 6:00pm CST. We expect maintenance to be completed by Wednesday morning (August 16) 10:00 a.m. CST. A blog post will go out when maintenance is complete.

  • 192-0702 e-TNG Customer Regulating, Limiting, and Relief Devices
  • 192-0702 KNT Customer Regulating, Limiting, Relief Device – Op/Maint
  • ASME-0681 e-TNG Joining of Plastic Pipe – Stab Fittings
  • ASME-0681 KNT Joining of Plastic Pipe – Stab Fittings
  • ASME-0771 e-TNG Joining of Plastic Pipe – Sidewall Heat Fusion
  • ASME-0771 KNT Joining of Plastic Pipe – Sidewall Heat Fusion
  • ASME-0781 e-TNG Joining of Plastic Pipe – Electrofusion
  • ASME-0781 KNT Joining of Plastic Pipe – Electrofusion
  • ASME-0791 e-TNG Joining of Plastic Pipe – Socket Heat Fusion
  • ASME-0791 KNT Joining of Plastic Pipe – Socket Heat Fusion

Remember… After a course has undergone maintenance it is important that users verify a status of Not started to ensure proper recording of a new score.

Course Maintenance complete for the entire 192 course library

July 7, 2017

Maintenance has now been completed on the 192 course library. The library updates change the way the courses function in the following way: 

  • Pre-Maintenance TNG courses, once partially completed, report a failed status until they are passed. Post-Maintenance TNG courses will show In Progress in the user’s portal and not report to the credits by user report until passed.
  • Pre-Maintenance KNT courses, if in a failed state, will report a failed state each time launched until reset. Post-Maintenance KNT courses will report only one failed attempt until reset.

Important STATUS UPDATE on 192 Course Library Maintenance

July 6, 2017

All of the 192 training courses have been completed, and approximately half of the knowledge tests. The maintenance script took much longer than anticipated, and there are 42 knowledge tests that will not be available until tomorrow morning.

The courses listed below will remain deactivated until maintenance is complete late Friday morning, July 7, 2017. This blog will announce when maintenance on the following courses is complete:

192-1203 KNT Inside Gas Leakage Investigation
192-1301 KNT Leak and Strength Test – Service Lines, Mains, Transmission Lines
192-1401 KNT Abandonment or Inactivation of Facilities
192-1402 KNT Backfilling
192-1403 KNT Installation of Steel Pipe – Field Bends
192-1404 KNT Casing Vents and Seals
192-1405 KNT Underground Clearances
192-1408 KNT Installation of Plastic Pipe
192-1409 KNT Installation of Steel Pipe
192-1410 KNT Cover – Service Lines, Mains, and Transmission Lines
192-1411 KNT Inspection
192-1413 KNT Line Markers
192-1414 KNT Pipeline Shutdown, Startup, or Pressure
192-1415 KNT Protection from Hazards
192-1417 KNT Protection When Minimum Cover Not Met
192-1418 KNT Purging Natural Gas Pipelines
192-1419 KNT Uprating: Reinforce or Anchor Offsets, Bends, and Dead Ends
192-1421 KNT Installation of Steel Pipe: Repair of Imperfections and Damage
192-1424 KNT Support, Expansion Joints and Anchor Maintenance – Exposed Pipeline
192-1425 KNT Tapping Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Pipe
192-1426 KNT Tapping Steel and Plastic Pipe
192-1427 KNT Valve Maintenance
192-1430 KNT Internal Sealing-Cast Iron and Ductile I
192-1431 KNT Segment Removal
192-1432 KNT Bolt-on Leak Clamps and Sleeves
192-1434 KNT Bypass – Regulator Stations & Meter Sets
192-1435 KNT Bypass – Gas Mains and Services
192-1436 KNT Working with Blowing Gas
192-1437 KNT Launching and/or Receiving Internal Devices for Lines In-Service
192-1501 KNT Odorization – Mains and Transmission Lines
192-1802 KNT Vault Maintenance
192-1803 KNT Pressure Regulating, Limiting, and Relie
192-2010 KNT Service Line Replacement
192-2011 KNT Prevention of Accidental Ignition
192-2014 KNT Service Lines Not In Use and Service Discontinuance
192-2301 KNT Uprate Steel Pipeline to Pressure Producing Hoop Stress >= 30% SMYS
192-2302 KNT Uprating Pipeline to Pressure Producing Hoop Stress < 30% SMYS
192-2401 KNT Welding
192-2402 KNT Visual Inspection of Welds
192-2403 KNT Nondestructive Testing of Welds
192-2405 KNT Miter Joints
192-2705 KNT Gas Control

Thank you for your patience!

REMINDER: 192 course library offline July 5-6

July 3, 2017

MEA will be performing maintenance on the 192 course library on July 5-6. We ask that EnergyU Administrators make sure their users understand that no 192 courses should be launched during the July 5-6 downtime. Users may continue to take ASME, 195, OSHA, UGE, ELEC and Leadership courses during this time.

The 192 course library maintenance will begin at 7:00 am CDT on Wednesday, July 5, 2017. We anticipate maintenance to be completed by 5:00 pm CDT on Thursday, July 6. Administrators will be notified via this blog and the Administration Portal Page when users may once again access the 192 course library.