Changes are coming to the EnergyU website

The look of our website is changing!

The login page for EnergyU, which is a product of MEA, is moving to be a part of a new MEA website. In a few short weeks, we believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you visit the EnergyU login page – you’ll see a refresh in colors and logo. For ease of use, MEA is hosting all product logins in a single location – just click “Sign In” and choose EnergyU, MEA, or Connect. Once you’ve logged in to EnergyU there is no change and everything will function as it always has.

So why the change?

The refreshed MEA logo has a fresh color palette and font and better positions the association for expansion beyond the Midwest. The accompanying tagline “MEA Learning Empowers” describes a commitment to be a viable training partner in the energy industry well into the future. MEA currently offers OQ courses, assessment tests, performance evaluations, field leader trainings, online tools, in-person learning conferences, and more.

Questions? Please contact Technical Support at 651-289-9600 x124.

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