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Register for EnergyU Admin Training and be Entered to Win a Free MEA OQ Solutions Conference Online Registration

July 19, 2018

All paid registrants for the EnergyU Admin Training on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 in Rochester, MN will be eligible to win a free registration for the online Technical Training & OQ Compliance Solutions Conference. The free registration provides access to the live streaming event on Tuesday, August 14 and access to all of the recorded sessions for 30 days.

During the one-day admin training, you will learn the basics of EnergyU LMS administration, including:

  • system navigation
  • user training and record administration
  • managing certifications
  • running reports
  • best practices for general administrative tasks
  • implementing automated features
  • tips for increasing efficiency

Space is limited so register today for this August 15 EnergyU Admin Training event.

Only individuals with a paid registration for the EnergyU Admin Training in August will be entered to win the complimentary Technical Training & OQ Compliance Solutions Conference registration. The winner will be announced at the close of registration on Wednesday, August 8; the winner may use the virtual event registration for him or herself or assign it to a co-worker. Visit the MEA event page for details on the Technical Training and OQ Compliance Solutions Conference.

Users Should Update Adobe Flash Player to Ensure All Content/Audio is Displayed

July 9, 2018

We’ve had a couple users switch from using Internet Explorer to Firefox, and they reported that the Flash audio and animations stopped playing for them. This was because they had not installed the Flash player for Firefox. Just like Internet Explorer, Firefox also needs the Flash plugin to play the EnergyU course content.

MEA is moving away from Flash, and as courses are updated they will not longer have this requirement. In the meantime, use this link to check your Flash Player.

Train the Evaluator class – NOW in July!

July 6, 2018

Due to high demand, a Train the Evaluator class has been added to the MEA calendar of events and will be held in Bloomington, MN on Monday, July 23, 2018.

Click HERE to register

Course Maintenance Now Complete

July 1, 2018

Course Maintenance is now complete on the training and knowledge test courses for the 13 tasks listed below (26 total courses).

Both the TNGs and KNTs for each covered task were updated.

  • ASME-0041 Installation and Maintenance of Mechanical Electrical Connections
  • ASME-0161 Visual Inspection for Internal Corrosion
  • ASME-0191 Measure Atmospheric Corrosion
  • ASME-0331 Valve – Visual Inspection and Partial Maintenance
  • ASME-0591 Leak Test at Operating Pressure
  • ASME-0681 Joining of Plastic Pipe – Stab Fittings
  • ASME-0751 Joining of Plastic Pipe – Butt Heat Fusion: Manual
  • ASME-0941 Install Tracer Wire
  • ASME-1281 Mobile Gas Leakage Survey – Optical Methane
  • ASME-1291 Locate Underground Pipelines
  • ASME-1301 Install and Maintain Pipeline Markers
  • ASME-1311 Inspect Pipeline Surface Conditions—Patrol Right-of-Way or Easement
  • ASME-1331 Damage Prevention Inspection During Third Party Excavation or Encroachment Activities as Determined Necessary by Operator

As previously communicated, these courses are using the refreshed MEA brand and new user interface.

In addition, the updated courses will also have the new knowledge test functionality. Course users will only be allowed to open a KNT course once. If a course session is ended for any reason prior to receiving a passed or failed score, the status will change to “In Progress” and the EnergyU Administrator will be required to reset the course. Users will not be able to launch an “In Progress” knowledge test until the course is reset.

Functionality of the training (TNG) courses will remain the same —- users will be allowed multiple sessions to complete, and users will be able to review learning content of completed courses.

Remember… After a course has undergone maintenance, it is important that users verify a status of “Not started” to ensure proper recording of a new score.