Important Changes coming to EnergyU Billing

We’re making it easier to do business with MEA.

EnergyU is moving to annual billing.
EnergyU rates will increase in June 2020.

Within the next few weeks, EnergyU administrators and billing contacts should receive an email with rate information and options for the transition to annual billing. This may involve prorating a portion of licenses to get all licenses on the correct cycle.

What you need to know about annual billing:

  • Renewal invoices will only be sent out once per year, regardless of when licenses were added.
  • An annual subscription runs from July 1 through June 30; renewal invoices will be mailed in June.
  • Additional licenses will be prorated and invoiced at the time they are added, and renewal invoices will be mailed in June.

What you need to know about the June 2020 rate increase:

  • This is the first rate change since 2002.
  • There are still no maintenance fees and no charge for EnergyU Support.
  • In addition to the Learning Management System (LMS) for training and knowledge tests, the new EnergyU rate is inclusive of the Records & Compliance Management System.*

Contact MEA Support with questions regarding your new rates or billing schedule.

*Optional; separate onboarding and administrator training required.

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