Critical Update for Mozilla Firefox Browsers

If you have the Firefox browser (Windows AND Mac), you should update it IMMEDIATELY. A critical update has been released (Firefox 72.0.1 and Firefox ESR 68.4.1) to fix a vulnerability which allows an attacker to take control of your operating system.

To upgrade Firefox:

  • On a Mac: launch Firefox and click About -> Firefox and click the “Restart to update Firefox” button
  • On a PC: launch Firefox and go under either Options -> Firefox Updates (towards bottom of list) or Options -> Advanced -> Update to update Firefox
    • Older versions may require a second update by launching Firefox and clicking Help > About > Update Firefox

Mobile devices are not currently known to be affected.

As a reminder, browser support for the EnergyU Admin Portal is as follows:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer is supported
  • At this time the latest Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge are NOT supported
  • NOTE: The upgrade to the NextGeneration portal scheduled for January 26-27 will increase browser support

Administrators will no longer be required to use Microsoft Internet Explorer with the Silverlight plugin after the upgrade. Google Chrome will be the recommended browser for EnergyU LMS Administrators.


More info:

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