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Attention 195 Course Library Administrators

November 9, 2015

If you have not already completed your transition from the OLD 195 courses to the NEW 195 courses, this is just a reminder that the OLD 195 courses will be deactivated on December 1, 2015. You can identify old courses by the “o” prefix in the course title, and old certificates by the lower case “m” in the certificate name.

  • NEW course = 195-0403 (CT09) e-TNG Monitoring for Internal Corrosion
  • OLD course = o195-0403 CT-09 e-TNG Monitoring for Internal Corrosion
  • NEW certificate = MEAxxx number
  • OLD certificate = mEAxxx number

If you have questions about enrolling users in the new certificate programs, or add the new courses to your curricula, please contact Technical Support at 651-289-9600 x106.

Updates to 195 Course Library

September 30, 2015

If you are an EnergyU Administrator and your company uses MEA’s 195 course library, you should have received an email announcing the update to the 195 course library. (If you did not receive an email please contact MEA to be added to the 195 email list.) The new courses will be activated later today, and the old courses will be identified with an “o” prefix (i.e., o195-xxxx). For users to re-qualify using the new courses, administrators will need to enroll users in the new certificate program. Use the UserCertEnrollmentStatus ad hoc report to assist in determining what certificates users will require. Please contact EnergyU Support with any questions or concerns (651-289-9600 x104 or x124).