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FINAL WEEK for Complimentary Pass

May 25, 2017

Early registration ends June 2, 2017.

Receive one complimentary virtual event registration for each in-person registration for MEA’s August 8th OQ Success Conference. This early registration bonus ends June 2, 2017.

A virtual attendee pass is not the only early registration savings available. Extend your in-person stay through August 10th and receive a $100 discount to attend MEA’s Gas Operations Technical and Leadership Summit.

The MEA OQ Success Conference, hosted by MEA’s Technical Training Committee, is a must-attend event focused on regulatory matters that affect you. Join us at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota on August 8, 2017 to network with your OQ peers regarding important topics like:

  • OQ standards
  • National portability
  • Records management
  • Safety (PSMS API 1173)
  • and more

If travel restrictions are preventing in-person attendance, register to attend via livestreaming. Virtual attendees will be able to watch the sessions live and participate in real-time discussions via online chat. Post-event recording and conference materials will be provided. Contact Shannon Anderson (651-289-9600 x110) for information on virtual attendee group discount. Contact Chad Shannon (651-289-9600 x112) if you would like information on event sponsorship.

Early Registration Ends June 2, 2017

May 11, 2017

OQ Success Conference – Register Today!

Individuals who register by June 2, 2017 to attend the in-person event will receive a complimentary pass for one virtual (livestream) attendee. In-person attendees can also receive additional savings for the Gas Operations Technical and Leadership Summit.

You will want to attend this conference if you have an interest in:

  • PHMSA NPRM Status
  • ASME B31Q
  • API 1161
  • National Portability
  • OQ Testing Compromises/Consequences
  • Beyond Compliance
  • Field Leader Training
  • PSMS API 1173
  • Post Incident Root Cause Analysis
  • Conversation with a regulator
  • And more

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IMPORTANT Changes Coming to PEF Review Process

May 16, 2016

Register HERE for one of the update webinars, May 17, 2016 at 1:00 PM CST or May 19, 2016 at 2:00 PM CST, to learn about the changes to MEA’s OQ Connect program and handling of PEF documents. These changes will go into effect June 1, 2016.

Need Help with OQ?

August 3, 2015

EnergyU is just one element of MEA OQ Connect, designed to help your company meet the requirements of OQ. MEA also offers assistance with OQ Plan development and OQ Program effectiveness audits. Richard Stump, MEA’s Director of Compliance Programs, is available to discuss regulatory issues, updates and impacts; advise on industry best practices; and provide guidance on integration of MEA products. If you or someone in your company has responsibility for compliance and OQ, contact Richard (651-289-9600 x126) to be added to MEA’s OQ Group mailing list. We want to make sure OQ and regulatory information gets to the members who need it most.

PHMSA Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

July 28, 2015

The comment period for Docket No. PHMSA–2013–0163 ends September 8, 2015. At the August meeting, MEA’s Technical Training Committee will be compiling a comment document regarding 80 FR 39916-NPRM to submit to PHMSA. If you would like your comments included, please contact Richard Stump (651-289-9600 x126). Comments may also be submitted directly to

Online Evaluator Refresher Course Available June 22

June 10, 2015

MEA’s online evaluator refresher course will be available via EnergyU on Monday, June 22, 2015. Release of the online course now makes it easier for evaluators to maintain their approved status as an MEA Evaluator. After completing the initial classroom training, evaluators are required to take a refresher course every three years. Evaluators will now be able to choose the type of refresher course they would like to take – online or classroom. For additional information on MEA’s Train the Evaluator program contact Richard Stump (651-289-9600 x126).

192 Course Maintenance

March 19, 2015

Over the next two days, select groups of courses from the 192 course library will be temporarily taken offline for maintenance. The following courses will go offline this morning (March 19, 2015) at approximately 7:30 am CST:

  • 192-0201 e-TNG Gas Detection and Alarm System Maintenance
  • 192-0201 KNT Gas Detection and Alarm System Maintenance
  • 192-0202 e-TNG Isolation of a Gas Compressor Unit
  • 192-0202 KNT Isolation of Compressor Units
  • 192-0205 e-TNG Compressor Station Inspection and Testing
  • 192-0205 KNT Compressor Station Inspection and Testing
  • 192-0301 e-TNG Operating a Gas Compressor Unit
  • 192-0301 KNT Operating Gas Compressor Units
  • 192-0302 e-TNG Shutting Down a Gas Compressor
  • 192-0302 KNT Shutting Down Gas Compressor Units
  • 192-0303 e-TNG Starting a Turbine Driven Gas Compressor Unit
  • 192-0303 KNT Starting Gas Compressor Units
  • 192-2010 e-TNG Service Line Replacement
  • 192-2010 KNT Service Line Replacement
  • 192-2014 e-TNG Service Lines Not In Use and Service Discontinuance
  • 192-2014 KNT Service Discontinuance
  • 192-2301 e-TNG Uprating Steel Pipelines
  • 192-2301 KNT Uprate Steel Pipeline to Pressure Producing Hoop Stress >= 30% SMYS
  • 192-2302 e-TNG Uprating Steel Pipelines Less Than 30% SMYS
  • 192-2302 KNT Uprating Pipeline to Pressure Producing Hoop Stress < 30% SMYS
  • 192-2401 e-TNG Welding
  • 192-2401 KNT Welding
  • 192-2402 e-TNG Visual Inspection of Welds
  • 192-2402 KNT Visual Inspection of Welds
  • 192-2403 e-TNG Nondestructive Testing of Welds
  • 192-2403 KNT Nondestructive Testing of Welds
  • 192-2405 e-TNG Miter Joints
  • 192-2405 KNT Miter Joints
  • 192-2705 e-TNG Gas Control
  • 192-2705 KNT Gas Control
  • 192-1419 e-TNG Uprating: Reinforce or Anchor Offsets, Bends, and Dead Ends
  • 192-1419 KNT Uprating: Reinforce or Anchor Offsets, Bends, and Dead Ends
  • 192-1421 e-TNG Installation of Steel Pipe: Repair of Imperfections and Damage
  • 192-1421 KNT Installation of Steel Pipe: Repair of Imperfections and Damage
  • 192-1422 e-TNG Segment Repair, Replacement, Etc.

User records, course lists and company curricula will not be affected by this maintenance. Contact EnergyU Technical Support with any questions (651-289-9600 x112).

OQ Webinar Recording and PPT Links

April 23, 2014

Download the PowerPoint slides used in yesterday’s OQ Update Webinar, or review the recording.

OQ Update Webinar

March 28, 2014

Visit the MEA Events Calendar to register for the April 22, 2014 MEA Operator Qualification Update webinar. Registration is limited, so gather your OQ Trainers, Managers and Evaluators, and your EnergyU Administrators together to attend this one hour webinar. Larry Murray, MEA’s Director of Energy Operations, will discuss:

  • Discontinuation of Q41
  • New online training and testing requirements via EnergyU
  • New training requirements for approved MEA Evaluators
  • New procedures for completing and submitting performance evaluation forms
  • Certificate achievement for training, testing and performance